The Next Obesity Epidemic

· 1 minute de lecture
The Next Obesity Epidemic

How Information Bloat is Endangering our Mental Fitness, and What We Can Do About It.

While food manufacturers feverishly increased the quantity of food they produced and marketed, the nutritional quality decreased.  The more beneficial macro-nutrients a piece of food has (healthy fats  and quality proteins), the more costly it is to make — and thus to buy  and consume. The result is that the easiest food to make, to buy, and to  eat are the worst foods for us. As a result our diets became more unhealthy over the past few decades, as we began to consume more food and food of poorer quality. Interestingly, a similar trend to the one in food consumption has occurred in the production and consumption of information. The internet has created an environment where not only is it easier to publish and push out information than ever before, but an entire industry depends on more content being published and shared every minute of every day. And in the true style of hyper-growth capitalism, that content is exponentially growing.

As with food, the easier it has become to publish information, the more the quantity has increased and the quality has decreased. So what do you suppose has happened to our information diet? I fear that it may be mirroring our food diet.

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